The opportunity to work in organizations is becoming a mirage as the day goes by. Jobs are not the way it used to be or the way we are made to believe it was. What can be done to be free from job frustration?

It is very unfortunate that the modernists who claim that most or virtually all the wisdom of old should be jettisoned cannot shy away from the fact that modern job creation techniques are failing day by day.

It is important everyone whether gainfully employed, underemployed or unemployed trace back the origin of job creation in ancient time. What exactly is the meaning of a job?

According to one of the definitions given by Merriam Webster dictionary, a job is something that has to be done. It’s so concise and straightforward. Here is another definition by the same source,

b: a specific duty, role, or function. Finally,

c: a regular remunerative position.

From the above definitions, it can be deduced that a job is something you do that brings remuneration (financial reward).

If a job is “something” you do that brings financial reward, it should be noted that such thing you do should be acceptable, legal and beneficial to the society. Job creation is the process of bringing to existence any acceptable, beneficial and legal activity that gives a financial reward.

From the foregoing, it should be noted that job creation does not require sophisticated courses, skills, degrees or certifications as many would think. Getting degrees and certifications are not in themselves bad but they make you more susceptible to job hunting rather than job creation.

The first secret of job creation is NON DEPENDENCE ON CERTIFICATIONS. Early people don’t have certifications as we brag about in the modern times. Yet, they had something doing that kept them relevant and rewarded.

Secondly, ancient job creation is based on PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS. Many modern people profess they have many skills but the fact remains that whatever skill that cannot put food on your table is nothing but a “folktale”. Skills that cannot be felt in the society is but a “super-story”. A blacksmith does not tell anyone he has the skill but he shows you the hoes and cutlasses that passed through his bellows.

SOLUTION DRIVEN MINDSET is fourth on this list of job creation secret. Problems are inevitable and they are ingredients of job creation. A man of old see a problem and run after it and that becomes what he is known for. When he sees people sick, he gets herbs to solve the problem. He tills the soil to solve the problem of hunger. To mention but few.

The ancient secrets to job creation are as evergreen as the need to create a job. There would forever be the need to create jobs because the ones applicants are chasing after are created by those who have applied the secrets of job creation. People who don’t depend on their certifications, they acquire practical skills and they run after problems to profer solution.

Thank you.